Upgrades to components

Under v0.3 I was running ‘cscli upgrade --all --force’ which checked in to ensure all components were current. Under the new cscli structure there appear to be no “all” flags. What is the recommended way to ensure collection/parser currency, etc, in a cron, or is this automatically taken care of?

Yes, you’re right. The last 1.0.0 version lacks the feature to upgrade all configuration items at once. We added an issue https://github.com/crowdsecurity/crowdsec/issues/533 for tracking this, and we’all add the feature ASAP.

In the meantime, you’ll have to take care of the item upgrade one by one, may be with a cron’ed script.

On the other hand, configuration items are upgraded on our side with extreme care, so don’t expect it to happen very often.

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