Upgrade strategy with package manager

Reading Upgrades docu I try to understand what is the strategy when installing with the different approaches

  • do I have to follow the same steps when I’ve installed the agent from the official repo or does the package itself take care of?
  • I assume the wizard only takes care of upgrading the agent or does it also upgrade collections (based on the documentation I expect the cscli takes care of that
  • what is the strategy to update the bouncers? According to the docu the cscli only adds bounders but cannot upgrade them…

Ok the last question is answered by this post. It probably would make sense to add this to the upgrade docu?

Hi @papanito,

Thanks for your feedback. Indeed we need to improve this documentation part.
We opened an issue on github about that, it will be done asap.

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Cool, thanks. I could have added this by myself, but before creating an issue I wanted to reach out here… Looking forward to the improved documentation.

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Should now be better !

Cool thanks guys, appreciate your quick fix