Collection/Bouncers updating?

Prior to v1.0 I recall an ability to update all collections, configurations and bouncers at once with a single command.

I’ve been unable to locate that in v1.0. Has the --all option been removed?

Personally I found updating everything that had a update at once far more convenient than having to update each one specifically.

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cscli hub update
And then cscli hub upgrade

I didn’t see the 'hub upgrade' commands in v1.0 of cscli but figured I’d give it a go. Unfortunately the upgrade option within hub isn’t an option.

The command cscli collection does have an upgrade option however each collection needs to be individually entered on the on the command line:

  cscli collections upgrade collection [flags]

cscli collections upgrade crowdsec/xxx crowdsec/xyz

Currently I’ve 8 collections installed. In the past I’ve simply added an --all flag to the upgrade command. I’m a bit lazy and found upgrading all at once rather nice. With v1.0 that flag seems to have been removed.

Oddly the list of commands for bouncers doesn’t have upgrade listed:

Available Commands:
  add         add bouncer
  delete      delete bouncer
  list        List bouncers

I’m not sure why the upgrade command for bouncers isn’t available.

Hello @gppixelworks,

In the latest version of crowdsec, cscli hub upgrade upgrade all the configurations files (parser, scenarios, postoverflows …), you don’t need to specify the --all flag.

About the bouncers upgrade command i’m not sure to understand, what should the expected behavior ?