Trying to install cloudflare bouncer


I’m already using the firewall bouncer and I’d like to add the cloudflare bouncer.

The thing is that I don’t really understand how to configure it.
The doc here explains a bit: Cloudflare Bouncer | CrowdSec

I installed the apt packet. Now I’m blocked at this step:

crowdsec-cloudflare-bouncer -g <CLOUDFLARE_TOKEN1>,<CLOUDFLARE_TOKEN2> -o /etc/crowdsec/bouncers/crowdsec-cloudflare-bouncer.yaml # auto-generate cloudflare config for provided space separated tokens 

I have a CloudFlare token because I’m using the API to manage my WAF myself.
But why do I need 2 tokens? What permission must be set to the token?

I tried with my current token (so only one) and then executed the next command:

crowdsec-cloudflare-bouncer -s

From what I understand it’s supposed to create new WAF rules.
But it does nothing in my CloudFlare WAF and keeps executing, never stops.

Can someone help me understand please ?

Thank you


The example showing 2 tokens is just an example you can use one. The token must have the permissions shown here: Cloudflare Bouncer | CrowdSec, since you were already using the cloudflare WAF do you have any rules setup already? under the free tier you can only have one list per account.



Thank you for your answer.

I’m on a CloudFlare PRO plan and I only use 5 out of 20 WAF rules so I suppose it’s okay.

My problem might be the token’s permission. I’m gonna create a new one with the permissions you gave me and I’ll see if it works.

Hello again,

It worked, it was just due to wrong permissions on the token :).
Maybe it would be good to display an error when the permissions are incorrect.

Thanks !

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Great! I will feed the information back glad it helped!