CrowdSec Bouncer with Cloudflare Bouncer for WordPress

This may be a really dumb question, but if I am using Cloudflare as a WordPress site proxy. Would I install just the WordPress CrowdSec plugin, or WordPress CrowdSec plug plus Cloudflare bouncer?

Can you have multiple bouncers on a website? Not seeing that information anywhere.

Cloudflare bouncer appears to correlate Cloudflare events to CrowdSec
WordPress bouncer appears to do what Cloudflare would call a javascript user authentication

Any help would be appreciated, as I keep coming back to CrowdSec, but am unsure on entirely how to implement.

Hey and thanks for the question.

Technically speaking you can have as many bouncers installed as you wish. Whether or not it actually makes sense in your setup is a completely different matter as they do support different functions.

I would say that the most simple thing for you would be to install just the wordpress collection and the wordpress bouncer as well as the cloudflare bouncer (the latter mostly because you can. Not sure it makes much of a difference right away). And then as you grow gradually more experienced with CrowdSec you should definitely create your own custom scenario inspired by the article we did on DDoS protecting a woocommerce site with Cloudflare and CrowdSec to get the most out of your setup.

Installing CrowdSec with Wordpress is fairly simple and is described here.

I hope that made sense. Feel free to write again if you have more questions.