Service failed 'address already in use' DirectAdmin server


I have the following scenario:
CentOS 7 Server
NGINX with Apache reverse proxy.
Apache uses ports 8080 and 8081

The crowdsec service failed to start because the port is already used by Apache ( tcp bind: address already in use" )

I looked what configuration files have port 8080 .

./config.yaml: listen_uri:

I did a replace for port 8888. After that I was able to start the crowdsec service but I found another error when trying to install the wordpress bouncer, this time " tcp bind: address already in use"

crowdsec cscli bouncers add wordpress-bouncer


In your above post :

This seems to be a typo, the command should be cscli bouncers add wordpress-bouncer : cscli and crowdsec are two different binaries