Need help in installing cs-nginx-bouncer

Hi, as the Titel says, i could able to succeed in installing Crowdsec but i somehow cant install properly or atleast its not showing that i have successfully installed and using a cs-nginx-bouncer… Thats what atleast my log says.
i am using Rpi4 with Openwrt installed on it. i am depending on the Wulfy23 Source for installing Packages

Is there any Guide on how to successfully install CS-Bouncers ??? Any Guide would be very helpful as i am a noob here.

Thanks in advance

@plikmuny as already answered on OpenWrt forum, you need a binary package compiled for your platform.
It is not a newbie solution, for now…

I have already proposed to made a specific package for OpenWrt.
But, as you may have seen with already proposed package to the OpenWrt developer team, it require time to be available for end users.

If you want a ready to use package, please wait for anyone available.
I will announce it on the OpenWrt Forum topic as soon it will be available for testing, as usual.

Package crowdsec-nginx-bouncer dones, compile with sucess, need to give some tests before PR to OpenWrt !

ok, thankyou. can you share the file here so that i can try ???

Not for now.
Because, as said, I need do do some tests.
I still have to debug.
You must be just a little more patient !

A question, do you have nginx on your OpenWrt system ?
because, if not, it will be useless !

Oh I see. I don’t have Nginx in my Openwrt. Is it difficult to install or really useful compared to the current default setup?

It is useless !

You then don’t need to protect NGINX if you do not use it…

OK, thanks. Then you suggest me using the default cs-firewall-bouncer to use right?. What are those packages and collections? Why are they so much there? Do I really need it? I see very little information regarding each package documented. So that’s why I am asking you here once again which package you suggest me after installing Crowdsec +cs-firewall-bouncer installation?

Does extra packages terms to break Internet if I use all of them Or its harmless?