Multi User Dashboard

Being excited about CrowdSec so far. Signed up and installed on a couple of hosts. Looking forward to what I’m going to see in the coming days.

Regarding the dashboard, is it possible to invite other users of my team to my dashboard? And if so, can I control which user has access to the reports of which instance?


Which dashboard are we talking about? The console at

If you click the little triangle to the right of your email when you’re logged in to the concole you can create an organisation and add users to it. It’s a relatively new feature so there’s no way to give out permissions for each of the instances added to the organisation (as far as I know, at least).

Yes, that’s the dashboard I had in mind. Problem being, I don’t seem to have that triangle you’#re talking about. Here is how my dashboard looks like:

Hi again

Sorry, my bad. It’s not a general feature yet but can be enabled if you wish to… DM me your email (if I don’t have it already :-).

If any of your colleagues signed up already , I would need their email as well.


Thanks @klausagnoletti no worries. Looks like I don’t seem to have permission to send you a DM though.