Bouncers showing offline

Hi there, I have setup Crowdsec for a multi-node distributed setup (disabled LAPI on nodes, and have them communicating centrally with master) as per Crowdsec multi node instructions.

I have checked everything locally, and bouncers are reporting into the central API and working as expected. However after registering the main instance in the online portal, everything looks okay and the bouncers are listed, however they are all showing (inactive for 53 years and are greyed out.

Has anyone else experienced this behaviour, and is there a fix?



Since it been sometime since you opened to post it show have resynced the data by now… do you still see it reporting it as that?

Hi thanks for the reply. Last sync was 20:22 this evening and all bouncers still showing offline even though the time stamps on bouncers list for the central api is current and correct.

I have even removed and re registered all of the bouncers (5 in total) but still no luck.

Hmmm interesting. Could you send an email to if it from the same account you have in the console then just say

" Hey its me from discourse this is the email I use in the console " if not tell us which email you used so I can look into it from the backend.