Beta CrowdSec instances forbidden warning


using CrowdSec Console i get FORBIDDEN and cannot anymore access to my console details

see capture below
Nextcloud (

Removing instance and re-enroll doesn’t fix it… doesn’t seem’s to be a system issue:

/var/log/letsencrypt# cscli capi status
INFO[25-03-2022 01:56:08 PM] Loaded credentials from /etc/crowdsec/online_api_credentials.yaml
INFO[25-03-2022 01:56:08 PM] Trying to authenticate with username 9exxx on
INFO[25-03-2022 01:56:08 PM] You can successfully interact with Central API (CAPI)```

Hi @stratege1401,

Does the issue still here ?

Hi @he2ss

Issue gone so far… Notice the web-layout change.
I might be caught in between update…