I have somehow banned myself! HELP! :-D

I’m a noob, so go easy on me…
I’ve had crowdsec up an working for a month or so, no issues. Suddenly, I’m browsing my unRAID server via cloudflare tunnel/swag and a ban notice pops up saying Crowdsec has banned me.
Only change is that I started using Brave browser instead of Chrome. Doesn’t seem like that should be the culprit, though.

I tried looking up whitelisting, and I added my office IP to the whitelists.yaml file, but I’m still banned.

How do I work out what’s going on and how to fix it and whitelist other IPs/hosts while I’m at it?



Is this issue still valid? I remember talking to somebody on a similar issue like this?

Apologies. Yes, this was resolved on the Discord server. This can be deleted.