Mod pagespeed nginx removed by nginx bouncer

Debain 10, Nginx plus manual install mod_pagespeed from Google instructions, adding the Nginx bouncer removes mod pagespeed, anybody any experience and know howto solve this

Could you please give us more info here? How did you install the nginx bouncer? And how about mod_lua?

CrowdSec doesn’t touch the existing nginx configuration - we only add files. So you issue is a bit weird to us :slight_smile:

I read you. Tomorrow I will test once more and make notes of all the instructions I followed. That should give at least some clarity …

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Ok Klaus, looked into it.

The basic Debain 10 system (standard system utilities and SSH) with Nginx & Mod Pagespeed following Googles instructions accepts of course the Crowdsec repo, installs crowdsec but cannot install crowdsec-firewall-bouncer-iptables. This installation from the repo crashed.

When I do manual install of the mod, I get problems with golang which has to be installed in a higher version then Debain 10 offers. I quickly looked into a manual install of the Nginx mod, the Nginx Pagespeed was installed without mod LUA, so it will probably reinstall Nginx without the Pagespeed mod (I’m guessing here because I stopped after the earlier crashes) . I will reinstall the hosting panel on Debian 11, reinstall Nginx Pagespeed with mod lua and reinstall Crowdsec. Of course all these things you would want to work on Debian 10 also?

Last but not least, running Debian 10, updated upgraded in a Proxmox VM.

Regards from Holland, Rick

Hey Rick

Thanks for your post. I am a little in doubt whether you need more help or not and if there’s more I can do for you. Could you help me out there? :slight_smile:

Hey Klaus, I am currently in the process of setting up new Debian 11 webservers on Quemu VM’s. For this I will need to have ISPconfig, Mod Pagespeed on Nginx, Cloudflare and CSF firewall up and running together, I can report Crowdsec is flawlessly running and working on the Proxmox nodes themselves, we still don’t know about Crowdsec on the VM’s as the installation of the hosting panel and mod pagespeed are installed before crowdsec and csf. Since the VM’s are where it all began I still have this isssue open. I will let you next week asap Klaus, have a nice weekend!

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Thanks - have a great weekend too!

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Hey Klaus, as promised I report the result, I have Debain 11 now running, on Ispconfig, Modpagespeed, Crowdsec and CSF, so this is the only combination that wprks, Debian 10 does NOT work, regards from Holland, Rick

Hi Rick and thanks for the update. Have a great day!