Is it possible to edit the default collection?

I want to change the parameters ssh-bf and ssh-slow-bf , I do a restart and like this in the hub list


Yes you can change parameters. The current display is more alarming than needed, but it’s just telling you that you modified the parameters of the scenario and that it won’t update it automatically anymore.

We’re re-working the hub to make it more user friendly, suggestions are welcomed !

In general, you can act like fail2ban, he gave an example, and you already set it up as you want, people will already choose what they need, who wants to use your SCENARIOS, then let them install it and update it.
But it is also necessary to write that you can change, there will be such an error and you will not be able to update

it is possible to centrally change how to roll out SCENARIOS? for example, on LAPI I did what I needed and my agents took all the SCENARIOS.