[RESOLVED] Remove decisions programmatic


we are trying to leverage the local API to implement an “unban” system via a Button on the page.
To delete the decision-list entry I need higher privileges than I can get when I register a new bouncer and use it’s API token.
Can someone guide me towards the correct token to use?

Best Regards,

Hello @bennet-esyoil,

To delete decision via the local API, you need to register/reuse the credentials of a machine.
You can register a new machine from cscli by running cscli machines add <login> --auto to get a login and password to use.
Is it what you are looking for?

Hey @alteredCoder

yes, basically that. What endpoint do I need to use to login with the credentials? Swagger UI this one? And what is the scenarios-array there used for?

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Yes this is the endpoint that you can use to login.
The scenario is used for the local API to know which scenario are installed on which agent, but this field is not mandatory.


That seems to be working, thanks a lot!