Install as part of Image - reset identifiers?


I’d like to install crowdsec as part of a Packer image to ease configuration and provide a baseline for future VMs built off that image.

The last time I tried doing this, when starting a new VM based on the image, it appeared in the cloud console as one device. It seems that the installation sets some identifier that I need to either delete and re-create, or prevent setting until the next boot.

I don’t see anywhere in the documentation that talks about this identifier for the cloud console. I do see a cloud credentials file, but it’s unclear how to re-generate that.

For reference, as part of the install script I have a line:

cscli console enroll <enroll key>

I think I can move that specific line to be part of a terraform provision, which would also let me set the name that shows in the console based on the deployed VM name.