Registring on the website?

One of the cli commands is :

cscli api enroll

But I can’t seem to find a place to create an account. Is it in the works ?

Hello Arthur,

First of all, thanks for your interest in the project !

The “cscli api enroll” command allows you to regroup all your watchers/bouncers under the same account to have a more centralized view of what is going on (and even in the future share sightings and so on).

However, as you pointed out, there is currently no public back-office allowing you to register (it’s still in the making and we didn’t want to publish it before it’s decent), that’s why we didn’t document this part of push this feature forward.

While you could currently enroll machine together, it would be meaningless before we have such a web-interface / backoffice to view and administrate stuff :slight_smile:

A bit more patience, it will be announced in the coming months, the team is currently focused on improving the open-source part, and it is one of the next items down the road :wink:

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The project is super exciting. I’ve been waiting for this type of approach for a while !

You mention “focused on improving the open-source part.” Could you elaborate on which parts are not open source in the roadmap ? Funding etc. ?

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Yes of course :slight_smile:

I won’t discuss funding and such here as it’s a bit out of scope (and there will be more on that later), but I can definitely answer on the roadmap part !

Could you elaborate on which parts are not open source in the roadmap ?

All the code that we write and that is meant to be deployed by user (crowdsec, bouncers and such) is and will remain open-source and under MIT licence.

However, the data lake/data processing on our side won’t be open-sourced. Or at least we don’t think it will nor does it make sense : it is mostly serverless infrastructure and this is a really experimental part, plus this is where the secret sauce of the consensus will be.

You mention “focused on improving the open-source part.”

What we’re currently working on is to abstract the decision database maintained locally by crowdsec. In the latest/current version, crowdsec and the bouncers speak directly with the database (SQLite for single-machine setup and MySQL for multi-machine setup). However this is not something that is viable in the long term : it will make DB schema evolution extremely dangerous, and makes bouncers conception rather tricky and stateful. In the next version, crowdsec speaks to a local API service (part of crowdsec itself) and so does all the bouncers. In this way, the bouncers can be stateless (single rest api call with an api token) and we can completely abstract the schema and database part !

Hope I answered your questions,

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