Cloned VM - How to correctly re-register as new from console?

Hi guys, I sat up CrowdSec on my Centos 9/Rocky Linux and everything works great. Now I cloned my VM to use it again for different purposes. Unfortunatly I can’t get it to shown up as new instance in web portal. Every time when I use the code to “enroll my engine” this enrollment will overwrite the other server.

How can I give my “local” instance on the cloned VM a new internal ID? I tried cslsci lapi register, removed and readded the machine using “cscli machines” but each time I do an enroll it says, oh the instance is already there. Any hints how to “reset” the instance or where to check?

Many thx in advance

Are we talking about CAPI or LAPI enrollment?

If it purely CAPI side you can do the following

sudo rm /etc/crowdsec/online_api_credentials.yaml
sudo cscli capi register

That will regenerate a unique login for the instance.