I can't access crowdsec repo in AlmaLinux


Crowdsec is using pygpgme to validate the repository and this package is not available in RHEL derivatives. Do you know an alternative?
As it is now, even though the repository is created, it shows empty because it can’t download anything from it.


can you provide a bit more context so we can try to investigate reproduce it? which version are you using ? what error do you get?


Hi thibault,

I will close this thread, because I resolved this problem already.
What happened was that crowdsec doesn’t have a repository for EL9 derivatives and the script doesn’t skip the requirement of pygpg when the distribution is 9:

echo "Detected operating system as ${os}/${dist}."

  if [ "${dist}" = "8" ]; then

I amended the script changing 8 for 9 and it completed the installation without errors.
Afterwards, I had to update the repo file: crowdsec_crowdsec.repo by changing 9 to 8:





So, now I have access to the RPM EL8 repository to install crowdsec.

My last question (in another thread that I closed) was; Is it safe to use crowdsec EL8 in RHEL9 derivatives? I hope yes, because I’m already using it :grinning: