GPG error by Crowdsec installation on ubuntu 20.04 Lts

I am trying to install crowdsec on ubuntu 20.04.3 but it fails
if a run this command
curl -s | sudo bash
everything is fine but when i try to install crowsec i get unable to locate package crowdsec
and when i try to update the server i get also soms errors with the gpg key

Does anybody have the same problem? or does anyone have an idea how i can solve this?
Thank you

i found the problem
i saw that the gpg key was not added to the list while it was present in the /usr/share/keyrings
apt-key list
i have the permissions of the files in /usr/share/keyrings checked

then i found that the read permissions for others were missing, i changed it to chmod 644/usr/share/keyrings/crowdsec_crowdsec-archive-keyring.gpg and it works

Great! Thanks for sharing that