File notification plugin on k8s


I got some issue on installing the file notification plugin lastly :frowning: .
So first of all i rechecked all my config:

I’m running amd64 so i downloaded the plugin with :

wget -qO- | tar -xz

and i deleted the Readme ( rm )

I got my rights well tuned:

I registered the plugin in my profile.yaml:

I got my configuration file:

BUT i got this error when i restart the service (BTW i’m not sure if this is the good way to restart the service) :

What am I missing ?

if you restart the container unless you are persisting that folder it will be lost. You have to build a custom container image for that to work or create a persistent storage.

why do you want to write these alerts to a file contained within an container?

Ok i see i’m just doing some test and i wanted to avoid the part where i mess around with a custom image and the helm chart :slight_smile:

The finality of installing the file notification plugin is to write the alerts on /dev/stdout in order to pick them with vector.

Just a quick fyi, I made an “official” file plugin feat: File notification plugin by LaurenceJJones · Pull Request #2932 · crowdsecurity/crowdsec · GitHub that should be shipped by default

hooo that’s awsome !

I just checked if the last version of crowdsec is shipped with the new “official” plugin but i didn’t find it yet.

i found that my version is 1.6.1

And i’m guessing that th new official plugin will be out on the 1.6.2


If i’m right, do you know when this version will be out ? i’m just thrilled to check that ! :slight_smile:

Thank’s a lot for your work !!!

Yes, however, once it is merged you can point to the dev tag whilst we do the release cycle.