HTTP notification customization for CloudRadar

Hi there !

New user here, so far very happy of what I can see, this is very good work ! :slight_smile:

To keep track of alerts, I’d like to customize the HTTP notification plugin for CloudRadar.
Unfortunately, I know nothing about GO models. I have read the documentation, but the syntax seems too obscure for me. :frowning:

How could I format the alert to match CloudRadar requirements ?
As I understand, each entry has to be prefixed with the name of the Cloudradar “probe” …(i.e. “crowdsec.scenario: crowdsecurity/http-bad-user-agent”).

Any help welcome !



It looks like no one here is able to help. And I can’t get devs to help out on issues not directly related to CrowdSec. So instead I would suggest that you join our (thriving) Discord and ask there if anybody from the community there wants to help out. The invite link is here.



Thanks for your kind answer, I’ll go to Discord :slight_smile:


i have tried cloudradar.

I found one of their own rule for service monitoring to be faulty.

After 2 tickets, the answer was ( quote from email, anyone want to check the mail is welcome to ask in private ):

Dear customer,

If you are sure it’s that trivial, you are welcome to fix it.

The source code is here, anyone can submit changes.

GitHub - cloudradar-monitoring/cagent: Open Source cross-platform monitoring agent

I suggested you a solution that helps you to achieve your goal immediately.

Of course, your bug report is stored in our backlog, and we will look at it. But I cannot promise a date when it will be fixed.

You are welcome to fix our own product, while paying, while not been supported, while we make money screwing you up.

I would have try to help/fix it, but this is a paying service, taking advantage of open-source community. Shame on those company who even don’t deliver the minimum support service on their own rules

Well, cloudradar, no thank you…

For the same pricing, i have my own virtual server with my own monitoring server.

Hi, and thanks for sharing your feedback! :slight_smile:

In fact, I gave up with CloudRadar for anything else except very basic monitoring (ping, TCP checks).

If you really need to monitor your services/servers, you can rent a vserver running 24/7 on a secure hosting location ( mine cost me 12 euros a year ) and set up your own monitoring service using for example Nagios ( as i do )…

It will cost you the same thing as using cloudradar.
You will not pay a shamefull paying service like them.
You will have a reliable fine-tune monitoring service, and additional options and services of your own making if needed ( a mail server like me )
You will sharpen your skills learning how-to use Nagios ( or else ).

Thanks for the advice!

Seems like CloudRadar is not very popular here …
I’ve been working for years with a Nagios and thousands of hosts, so I’ll better find an alternative :wink:

@stratege1401 would you please share your hosting provider?

Hey ! Hi.

About cloudradar, i just don’t like the way they handle my request…
Paying a service, discovering a bug in their own rules, and after 2 tickets and almost 10 days i’ve been told to fix it myself… See my point.
It’s dishonest and unprofessional…

Concerning vserver/vhost providers:
Usually, when i need the cheapest fully manageable vhost/server i look for the following option:

  • root access
  • ssh access

I usually goes to OVH or 1&1…but i am sure you can find other low cost vserver.

My vserver usage is low, it’s a Debian based system, running iredmail (the free version) and nagios. I choose a 1&1 VPS S for 1.20 euro/month All taxes included.