Easy PHP Prepend File Bouncer?

Is there any way possible to just prepend my wordpress protected with Crowdsec somehow on my static html website so it can be also protected by the same Wordpress bouncer?

Like a prepend file or anything I can add to the static non wordpress site that will still include a Crowdsec check?

I keep hoping someone makes it for easy website inclusion like the wordpress plugin. The PHP bouncer never works for me when I compile it and install it.

Hello @joshwho ,

The PHP Bouncer does exactly what you want.
What error did you have during the installation?

Once I get to the part of the Install it enables the service in apache then my main website just errors to a 500 error.

Weird part is my wordpress sites still work but my main site that uses Avideo opensource software just goes to a 500 error and doesn’t say why

What I am asking for is something you do not have to compile and install on all apache.

Just a simple file with a config to your api for crowdsec and can be prepended in your htaccess.

You do not have to compile the PHP bouncer, the install script is just here to help you copy everything to the correct location.

Do you have errors in the PHP logs when you try to include the PHP bouncer ?
When you installed the bouncer, did you see any error message ?

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The install runs without error. Only error is my main website stops working. I did find it a bit difficult to run it with a non root user but managed to figure it out.

The error happens before I even include it which is the weird part. I will have to try again later tonight to see.

So there is a php file I can just add to the web root and tell it to prepend that?

Also I should add I had to make the directory for /usr/local/php

I am running ubuntu 18 and did not have this for a php location

Had to modify some things to allow to install composer and bouncer as root. now working.