Wordpress API Key

Hello there,

Thank you for this great app, and thank you for making this open source.

I like to use crowdsec on my wordpress website.
Since I am hosting this website at a hostingprovider I do not have access to the command line, so cscli is not an option here.

How do I get the API key to activate the WP bouncer?

Thanks in advance


Hey and thanks for the kind words.

Currently you can’t use the wordpress bouncer without a CrowdSec agent. Without the possibility to parse logs from you own website, the only thing you can do is to install the agent somewhere else where the bouncer can connect to it. The agent won’t be able to block attack on your site but only ips you manually add or from blocklists from the crowd.

There are (long term) plans to change that somehow but not very concrete.

If you have more questions feel free to write again