CrowdSec vs. Fail2Ban for Zimbra

I am new to CrowdSec and would like to use it to secure my Zimbra mailserver, that is currently protected by Fail2Ban with specific jails.
I wonder:
Can you use both CrowdSec and Fail2Ban on the same host together?
Does CrowdSec have rules for Zimbra in place? At least I did not find anything on the internet on this.

Thanks for your help in advance!


There is a collection for zimbra : CrowdSec Console

You can technically use both, but it’s not recommended as it’s going to lead to some weird behaviour where both software will try to ban the same IPs etc.

@thibault -Thank you for your help. Did not know to find it there…
I am curious: What could happen technically when runnung f2b and crowdsec at the same time? will both set iptables or create some sort of race condition?