Crowdsec on Turris Omnia Router

Hey Community.

Has anyone installed and running Crowdsec on a Turris Omnia operating with TurrisOS?

I am running a Crowdsec multi-server setup, working well. I am wondering if I could filter out the bad IPs on the Router(Turris) level already - and not only opon arrival on the servers behind it.

Thanks for your help and hints.


Looking into the OS it seems it built upon openWRT which we have package implemented but since its “built on top” I don’t know how easily these packages are migrated. here is the details.

Yea, that’s true, I got that and found that page already.

TurrisOS uses it’s own package repos and Crowdsec isn’t packed. So I’d like to add the openWRt repository - but I searches all the internet and can’t find the correct URLs nor a place where to download the .ipk files manually…