Can OpenWRT build run in the cloud?

I want to try out the OpenWRT build virtualized in the cloud. What’s the easiest way? And is it even possible? It looks like it’s possible to install OpenWRT on x64 in EC2 but as I understand it there is no OpenWRT build for this.

What do I do?


Héllo @klausagnoletti preffer to ask directly at OpenWrt forum : OpenWRT x86-64 running on AWS - #5 by mirik - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum
Looks like the PR for the necessary drivers is already merged…
x86: add support for AWS T3 instances by bobafetthotmail · Pull Request #3799 · openwrt/openwrt · GitHub

Never try this myself !

You can find the built images here : OpenWrt Firmware Selector

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Thanks. I thought it belonged here since I want to run CrowdSec so in terms of support that is the limiting factor as long as you don’t support everything :slight_smile: