Question about traefik and opnsense


I installed crowdsec last week on my traefik server for testing. It works fine and today I saw, that there is also a plugin for opnsense.
Does it make sense to install it in traefik when I also install it in opnsense because all connects to my network would first be scanned in the opnsense and then another time in traefik ?
Or do they scan different scenarios ?
Another question is should I use suricata and crowdsec or only 1 of them ?

Thanks for your help.

So we wrote an article on suricata and crowdsec Suricata vs CrowdSec - The open-source & collaborative IPS

Depends on your own personal preferences because both crowdsec instances can communicate to each other you can have an agent on both and central decisions on the opnsense as that of course is your firewall.

Thanks for the informations :slight_smile: that helps a lot