No space left on device type=file


I have a new error on start crowdsec

time="2024-02-02T16:22:43+01:00" level=error msg="error in stop : no space left on device" type=file

Perhaps because I have a lot of file in logs ? Acquisition are Apache access log files.

I have ram on server :

# free -m
               total       utilisé      libre     partagé tamp/cache   disponible
Mem:           32059       18371         727         163       13202       13687

And disk space

/dev/md2           938G    674G  217G  76% /

There is a memory limit ?

Best regards

It could be that the process is running out of inotify since there a lot of files.

Ok how to upgrade this configuration ?

It seems to be like this issue : Inotify queue overflow in file acquisition · Issue #2605 · crowdsecurity/crowdsec · GitHub