Fatal - failed to get Hub index

Hello Crowdsec Community,

I am new member to crowdsec and will give back to community when I am wiser. But at the moment, because I am starting my crowdsec journey I am dependent on your help.
I searched now for two days and was not able to find references where the error comes from.
The error occurs during boot of my opnsense box. However, it seems like crowdsec is working without problems. But just to be sure, I wanted to ask here:

  1. If I should be worried about the error
  2. What the url is for and how to investigate further

My setup:

  1. Opnsense with Crowdsec Plugin
  2. The default agent, LAPI and firewall bouncer on my Opnsense

The Error message:

Invoking start script ‘syslog’
Invoking start script ‘crowdsec’
FATAL[01-05-2023 12:36:59] Failed to get Hub index : failed to download index: failed http request for hub index:
Get “https://hub-cdn.crowdsec.net/master/.index.json”: dial tcp: lookup hub-cdn.crowdsec.net on read udp> i/o timeout
Invoking start script ‘dnsb1’

Which consequences does this error have?
I am using Unbound DNS at the moment on port 53, but I will anyway build my own DNS server in few days.
Thank you in advance.

Error most likely happens when crowdsec boots it will try to get the latest hub index and most likely DNS service is not running on the box so it returns an error. Nothing to be too worried off.

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Okay, thank you a lot.
It really does not seem to make any trouble. But I still wanted to be sure and ask.
Thank you!