Unable to retrieve latest crowdsec version


I am new to crowdsec and walked through a tutorial about setting it up with traefik and a bouncer. All things worked fine but the other containers won’t start as it depends on an healthcheck from crowdsec which failed. Looking into the log output I get the following:

time="2024-01-30T20:04:57+01:00" level=warning msg="Unable to retrieve latest crowdsec version: Get \"https://version.crowdsec.net/latest\": dial tcp: lookup version.crowdsec.net on read udp> i/o timeout, using hub branch 'master'"


time="2024-01-30T20:05:07+01:00" level=fatal msg="failed to update hub: failed http request for hub index: Get \"https://hub-cdn.crowdsec.net/master/.index.json\": dial tcp: lookup hub-cdn.crowdsec.net on read udp> i/o timeout"

BTW the container is running some time and after attaching to it with:

docker exec -it crowdsec bash

i get kicked out of the container session and after running docker ps I can see the container isn’t running anymore.

Any idea what this can be about?

Thanks in advance


From your error outputs I can see a DNS failure (timeout).
So, something’s may be wrong with your Docker network.

Sorry I was going to reply sooner, @smu44 is right the docker DNS is timing out. If you use a custom DNS solution for your network might be best to not bind to all listeners.

No problem.

Yeah I thought of that as well and don‘t know where things got wrong. In had to prune the docker ecosystem because it didn‘t copy my host resolv.conf. Always got 127.0.011 in the resolv.conf of the crowdsec container. Not even adding the dns server in the compose file added it.

After that and running compose again, it worked.

Do you maybe know what caused the wrong resolv.conf? I found nothing about it on the web.