Crowdsed not working and Ubuntu Minimal Install

I have been playing around with Crowdsec used a VM on Oracle Cloud free tier as my playground. I may have come across a bug, a feature, or maybe just a mutt point. When I try to install Corwdsec on a VM using the Ubuntu minimal image, Crowdsec does not seem to be reading the ssh logs or any logs for that matter. I am basing this on the output of cscli metrics, which lists no Acquisition, Bucket, or Parser metrics. However, when I follow the same steps to install Crowdsec on a standard or non-minimal Ubuntu image, this is not the case. The output of cscli metrics is as would be expected, listing metrics for Acquisition, Bucket, or Parser.

Are there some additional steps or missing dependencies need to install Crowdsec on an Ubuntu minimal installation? Or am I just trying to do something very odd by doing this and should just stick to the standard image. There is no real reason why I picked the minimal image in the first place other than I like things simple and only what I need.

Here are a few links about the minimal images

Thank you

Thank you for raising this on the github page and I believe mmetc is helping this via: Crowdsed not working and Minimal Ubuntu Install · Issue #2175 · crowdsecurity/crowdsec · GitHub

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