CrowdSec Discord server

We’ve started a Discord server! It’s thriving! So please join it by clicking the invite link.

We are doing this not to skip Discourse but to use both platforms in the best way possible to build up a strong and healthy community as they both have their different usages and different strengths. Discord is really good at having a real time chat both on support issues (this means that you will likely get help faster there!) and all sorts of social stuff so we plan to use it for that as well as integrating Discord and Discourse so that certain posts will be send from one to the other - for instance support questions will be send from Discord to Discourse in order to be easier to find and search.

So in other words - this will be great for both platforms as well as the entire CrowdSec community.


I realized the invite link in my post had expired so I’ve changed it to a non-expiring one.