ClowdSec and iRedMail

Hi all!

I have installed CrowdSec on a server that is running the iRedMail mail server.
During installation, CrowdSec did not find mail system logs, did not connect scripts and parmers.

I’m new to CrowdSec, tell me how to make friends CrowdSec and iRedMail?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Igor !

Please open an issue on the hub : GitHub - crowdsecurity/hub: Main repository for crowdsec scenarios/parsers

Provide some logs sample of the kind of attacks you want to detect (ie. bruteforce), and we’ll help you to create the needed parsers/scenarios etc. so it can work OOB for future users !


Thanks for the answer!

I will definitely keep this possibility in mind, but at this time I am not ready to provide this information.