Bug in the dashboard?

Hi !

Seems to have a problem with the format of IP and prefix…

(in “our data” / Decisions)

Hi Foxinou35,

Before digging into it, can you just tell us if they are supposed to be ipv4, ipv6 or both ?


Hi Kaa
As I said, it is in “our data” part of the metadata dashboard. (so global data from crowdsec ?)
They are not the local data from my Crowdsec agent.
So I guess it is ipv4 :slight_smile:

Hello @Foxinou35,

This is normal, to simplify operation on IP address we store them as integer in database. You can ignore the Start IP, End IP , Start Suffix and End Suffix until we update the metabase dashboard to not show them anymore. The IP address is still present in the value column.