Alternate API port?

Just updated to v1.0.0 and had difficulty getting crowdsec to run as service.

Turned out it was the API which defaults to port 8080.

I use ISPconfig to manage some areas of the server and it also uses port 8080.

Upon changing the API port to 9090 in various .yaml config files, crowdsec and other components such as cs-firewall-bouncer.

Will updates overwrite the config files (not using --force)?

The standard process of upgrading backup the /etc/crowdsec content, deletes it, and recreates it. Then it restores the content existing before the upgrade, so it should not affect this configuration.

Nevertheless, you can do a --binupgrade upgrade, to be sure that configuration directory is left untouched.

In addition, for the moment, if you upgrade crowdsec the standard you will loose you bouncer configuration. Anyway, this will be fixed very soon.