Timed out waiting for device ... when install crowdsec

Hello everyone,

I am trying to install CrowdSec on a private server without a connection to the public internet. I have downloaded the CrowdSec package from packagecloud.io, specifically the crowdsec-1.6.2-1.el7.x86_64.rpm package for CentOS 7.

After installation, I am unable to start CrowdSec and I receive the following error:

(I cant get the log file to personal pc)

Is there a way to install CrowdSec and the bouncer-iptable without needing access to the public internet?

Not at the moment, you need to download the configuration files you need and transfer them to the offline device as CrowdSec believes these files should be present if the installation script runs with an internet connection.

Whats the aim for this installation does it somehow receive connections from a reverse proxy or something?

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Due to my company’s security policy , I cannot connect to the public internet during the installation process. However, I can download and transfer the necessary files. I have tried downloading the file /etc/crowdsec/hub/.index.json from the address https://hub-cdn.crowdsec.net/master/.index.json as described in the error message. After that, the crowdsec application was able to start without any errors.

However, it seems that my parsers cannot parse the data. The status returned when I run cscli explain is always “parser failure.” Is there any way to know exactly which files are needed for the installation or post-installation process without using the public internet?
I am also considering using Nexus as a proxy repository for Yum, but I do not have much experience in configuring Nexus

Let me do some testing tomorrow and I’ll write a small guide on getting it working. The crux of it you need to download parsers and scenarios from the hub and place them in the relevant places

The installation will also place a cronjob which you can remove as it wont work anyways in /etc/cron.daily/crowdsec else you will get reports of the cron failing

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I’m very happy to hear that. Thank you so much for your help. This will be very beneficial to me.