Reducing RAM Usage

I am running a low resource virtual machine with 1CPU 1GB RAM and 20GB HDD at BuyVM to host two WordPress sites using LEMP. I figured installing CrowdSec on the host would be a good idea since WordPress is a large target however I’ve noticed that my 1GB of RAM is being chewed up pretty quick. At first I was thinking this could be PHP or NGINX taking up my RAM so I followed a few posts I found online to tweak mysql to use less resources (linked below). That did seem to reduce the usage by 200MB or so but it’s sill ramping up. Can you tell me if 1GB or RAM is not enough or if it sounds like something not working right?

Main post I used: wordpress - MySQL memory usage crashing server - Server Fault

When I look at htop it looks like CrowdSec has many separate processes that are taking up a lot RAM.

results of htop:

Since I am new I can only post two links. Here are some more screenshots.

results of free -m:

results of cat /var/log/crowdsec.log:

results of cscli decision list:

results of cscli scenarios list:

results of cscli bouncers list:


Hello @ACS !

I think if you want to reduce memory usage, removing the geoip-enrich enricher can help as (I think) part of the file is in memory. Please let me know how it goes,