PVC mount issue at installing crowdsec on Kubernetes

Hi there.

I’m trying to install the crowdsec on my Kubernetes cluster, by following the official guide (Kubernetes CrowdSec Integration – Part 1: Detection - The open-source & collaborative IPS).

But seems like the official helm chart (helm-charts/charts/crowdsec at main · crowdsecurity/helm-charts · GitHub) provided tries to create multiple agents with a single PVC volume.

Most public cloud providers do not support multi-volume mount to different pods at the same time. I keep getting the RESOURCE_IN_USE_BY_ANOTHER_RESOURCE error as a result.

Am I missing something? Or does the chart broken?

I need some help to continue trying the Crowdsec. This seems like a very interesting project that could replace my current fail2ban.

Thank you very much.

Hi @kycfeel,

Indeed, it’s not a good idea to let the PVC on the agents by default, as you said lot of providers don’t support the ReadWriteMany.
I have a work in progress on this because we discover another issue on the agent PVC also (that we also need to persist /var/lib/crowdsec/data/ directory). So what you can do for now, is to disable the agent PVC.
As you already set all the collections and the config using environment variables, it would be enought.

Please try this and tell me if it’s working or not.