No Alerts - Windows Installation

Everything looks good on my install, have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times. But no alerts are coming. I try to brute-force, see attempts in my Windows Firewall, but nothing in CS. Possible firewall rule? I’ve opened up my windows firewall to allow any from any to test, but still, no hits.
I don’t know if I should see anything, but shows page not found, looks like iis reply and shows 404 page not found that looks like ngix webserver reply.

How can I troubleshoot? The error I found in a log is port 8080 access refused.
Is installing Nginx a prerequisite? I[ve opened up physical firewall and added allow entries for 8080 in and out, and also tried a rule to allow any from any in and out for testing.

8080 is what we call the local API (LAPI for short). This is a webserver running that will gather alerts from the agent and CAPI (central API). Since this is on loopback I dont know how windows interacts with this unless you have explicitly blocked private communication.