Monit with v1.0,0?

Prior to v1.0.0.0 I’d used Monit to ensure both crowdsec and the bouncer were running.

An example from monitrc:

check process crowdsec with pidfile /var/run/

Seems monit can no longer determine if crowdsec and cs-firewall-bouncer are running by looking for the .pid file.

Any ideas on how to use monit to monitor crowdsec?


It seems that there’s no more pid file /var/run (or /run depending on your installation), we’ll look into this. In the meantime, monit has the ability to monitor process that hasn’t any pidfile: please have a look at the procmatch option of monit.

monit procmatch crowdsec
monit procmatch cs-firewall-bouncer
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Right. Of course. Thank you! :blush: Rarely work with monit … mostly a set it up and it’s fine.