Is anyone using CrowdSec FreeBSD packages?


I’m CrowdSec’s new community manager, Klaus. This weekend I tried playing with the FreeBSD packages for CrowdSec and I’ve had a bit of problems getting it to work. So I wondered if anyone here has tried it and has some valuable feedback for the team? Both in terms of documentation and stability.



Hi Klaus
I know it old topic but I just start using CrowdSec on FreeBSD 13.0 amd64
and packages doesn’t work at all

/ ❯ pkg install security/crowdsec                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue...
FreeBSD repository is up to date.
All repositories are up to date.
pkg: No packages available to install matching 'security/crowdsec' have been found in the repositories

my config

  FreeBSD: {
    url             : "pkg+",
    enabled         : yes,
    priority        : 0,
    mirror_type     : "SRV",
    signature_type  : "FINGERPRINTS",
    fingerprints    : "/usr/share/keys/pkg"

I mange to build it from ports but the version is outdated, it’s 1.2.1 for crowdsec and 0.0.17 for cs-firewall-bouncer

Hi @Rogacz !

Good news, I have submitted a patch for v1.2.2 and 0.0.20, which has not been committed to the ports tree yet.

You can built it from this tag: Release v1.2.2-v0.0.20 · crowdsecurity/packaging-freebsd · GitHub

To make it short, 1.2.1 is not packaged with dependencies, so it cannot be built as official .pkg. Just skip it

You can check here Install CrowdSec (FreeBSD) | CrowdSec

if something is missing or unclear, please let me know

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In case you want try the cscli metabase dashboard out you shoud try installing GitHub - mmetc/freebsd-metabase at log4j-fix (the FreeBSD package of metabase has critical vulnerabilities). And also the cscli dashboard command uses Docker (which is broken on FreeBSD). @mmetc is currently preparing a doc page on it.

Thanks a lot, I have build it from the tag and now it’s up to date.

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