How to customize bad_user_agents.regex.txt and keep changes to crowdsec update


First excuse for my english, i’m a French guy with no practice in english!

In the bad_user_agents.regex.txt there is regex match one of user agent of our developper application \bIndy\ Library\b , came from delphi compilation…

I remove this regex from bad_user_agents.regex.txt file to let application did his poor job!

But i suppose that this file will be upgrade when crowdsec!?

Is there any solution to keep changes?

Tks for read to me!

Hello @lolotux69

Don’t worry about your English! You can improve the functionality of your Delphi-compiled application by removing the regex character \bIndy\ Library\b from bad_user_agents.regex.txt. Yet; you are nervous that this change will be modified when CrowdSec updates bad_user_agents.regex.txt.
To ensure that your changes stay alive even after updates, think about making a separate file and folder for your custom regular patterns. This manner, even if bad_user_agents.regex.txt is updated, your individual modifications will be maintained. Simply verify that your program accesses this custom file in addition to the original one.

also read this information i hope this will also helpful for you Crowdsec Postgresql and Kubernetes


Badly dev doesn’t want change delphi action…

Then I will change default directory …

Tks a lot