How to check if reCAPTCHA works, in OpenResty bouncer?

Hello, I have a question, I am implementing OpenRestry on Ubuntu 22.04 with CrowdSec and reCAPTCHA

According to the official tutorial, I came to put the manual rule to be able to force the reCAPTCHA test on my IP with

sudo cscli decisions add -i 172.XX.XX.244 -t captcha

I see the captcha correctly,but regardless of whether or not I complete the captcha, when I press summit, it lets me access the site, without having completed the captcha.

:star: I hope it is the right place to ask, if not a thousand apologies

I close the query and leave what the problem was:

In the error.log of OpenRestry:

[lua] crowdsec.lua:444: Allow(): Error while validating captcha: no resolver defined to resolve "", client:

I didn’t have “resolve” set correctly in the whole server, the tutorial said that I had to add it but I didn’t do it at a general level

To make HTTP request in the bouncer, we need to set a resolver in the configuration. We choose local=on directive since we query for the captcha verification, but you can replace it with a valid one.