How to add bouncer to docker compose file?

Hi all!
I configured according to this instruction

it says:
“and later we’re going to plug a firewall bouncer to it”

How to do it?
How to do it in docker compose file?

Hey and sorry for the late reply. The short answer is: you don’t. Not related to Docker compose but to that you don’t want to run the firewall bouncer in a docker container as it requires root perms to run so a potential security nightmare. So instead I recommend running the firewall bouncer on the host or using another bouncer.

Another thing: I don’t recommend you using instructions in that how-to as it’s aging. It’s on my list of things I want to update but until then you should try out Integrating CrowdSec with Traefik & Discord. If you want to experiment with running the firewall bouncer on your docker host I wrote about that in CrowdSec with NGINX Proxy Manager - The open-source & collaborative IPS. Also if you want faster help going forward I can recommend joining our Discord at CrowdSec.

yes, I already figured it out, set it up manually