How can I test the cloud flare bouncer is working properly?

I install and configure cloud flare according to the document and the incoming request of my domain coming through the cloud flare, so here my question is , how can i test the cloud flare bouncer is working properly and also block the ips .

please anyone help me.

So I guess you have read the current banner on the cloudflare bouncer and are a premium user of cloudflare and not just on free plan?

So the way you can see if the list is working if you head into the zone, checks crowdsec waf rule and if there are any hits it will increment a counter there

ok thanks, and I am a premium user of cloudflare . But when I attack the cloudflare from the another server using Nikto tool, so when I test Nikto target the different Ip, I think which is generated by cloudflare. so crowdsec couldn’t ban the ip.

               But, When I test without cloudflare. crowdsec working properly and ban the Nikto server ip. 

please help me…

Another thing is-
I follow and set up correctly as per the above document. But When I hit from the web,I can see the actual IP of the web, but can not see when I am using the Nikto or similar tools for testing propose.

Okay have you followed the statement and contacted cloudflare to increase your rate limits on lists?