Forbidden message on all server pages after installing crowdsec

I just installed crowdsec and traefik bouncer on my unraid server according to the docs on the ibracorp website and since installing it, all of my applications return a page saying forbidden when i access their domains. Checking the traefik bouncer container logs shows the following error:
{“level”:“warn”,“error”:“invalid character ‘p’ after top-level value”,“time”:“2023-06-17T06:15:00-07:00”,“message”:“An error occurred while checking IP ""”}

What does this mean and how can i fix it? Thanks in advance

Just to keep thread updated user has opened a threat on discord will continue conversation there

Hello Laurence!
I have the same problem and have searched on discord but have not been able to find anything.
Can you please copy and paste the solution here or a link to the solution on discord. Copy & paste is much better though, because then you don’t have to log in to discord.

Working on this same issue. Having any luck devcpu?

The original thread is old on discord and has since been removed. The issue for original user was the traefik bouncer was not connecting to the CrowdSec LAPI, once that was fixed it worked properly.

Now since then I would recommend all users to move across to the plugin version as this issue does not exist.