Failed to fetch prometheus metrics error despite port changed in all config files

Since the default port 8080 is used by other service I have changed it to 7373 editing these files


and replaced all 8080 port entries with 7373.

Doing this the crowdsec service starts without crash and apparently seems running correctly but unfortunately when I launch
cscli metrics -u http://localhost:7373
I get the error

failed to fetch prometheus metrics : GET request for URL “http://localhost:7373/metrics” returned HTTP status 404 Not Found

and if I try to open localhost:7373 in browser I get a 404 error too, without any page to confirm crowdsed is up and running, but service status results active with a crowdsec service listening on port 7373 and another listening on port 6060 as specified in config

I use Debian Bullseye on ARM 64bit.

Note: before installing it I had already a Prometheus service running on port 9090, but If i had understood correctly the prometheus port 6060 in CrowdSec config refers to the CrowdSec service where it supposed to fetch data.


Prometheus listen by defaults on port 6060. You can change it in your config.yaml :

  enabled: true
  level: full
  listen_port: 6060