Cscli ban list limit?

I’ve noticed that using:

cscli ban list

Returns what I’d expect. However, the list of local decision’s default limit is 50.

According this reference in docs, it states using the –all or -a tags when getting a ban list with cscli, that it will list all banned IPs.

I’ve not be able to get a full list. It always limits the display to 50 local decisions.

Entering …

cscli ban list --help

… for a list of options doesn’t indicate the ‘all’ option is available.

Is there an alternative way to list all local decisions?

Hi @gppixelworks,

Could you please tell me which crowdsec version are you using ?
I tested with v0.3.6 and I’m able to list all IPs with cscli ban list --all

Running this version here:


Well this is embarrassing! :astonished: Just ran it again and got a list in excess of 50.

Perhaps I shouldn’t work so late into the night. Could have sworn I’d entered it correctly. Recall trying both --all -a options. Can only be my typing skills.

Thanks! :+1:

:slightly_smiling_face: :+1: