Crowdsec-blacklists empty


I have a question, I can see an entry using cscli ban list but ipset list crowdsec-blacklists is showing no entries
Thank you

Hello @amahhou !

Can you :

  • check/show that you have the netfilter bouncer service running ?
  • check/show the logs of the netfilter bouncer service ?

Thanks !

Hi @thibault

Below the netfliter status where can I find the log?

You can find the logs here : /var/log/netfilter-blocker.log

Thank you, something is not working, last entries in october. Should I reinstall it?

Can you just try to restart the service ?

However I’d be interesting in knowing what when off :stuck_out_tongue: Did you do changes to the database without restarting the service ?

ok restarting did the trick
No i have not change anything.
Thank you for your help as always

ok, I guess this kind of issue should go away with the upcoming release, let’s hope so !

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Can you try the command: sudo cscli api pull
And see if the entries are refreshed?

I would like to know if there’s a way to automate this behaviour, eg automatic hourly or daily CRON task.

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I had this issue of cscli ban list returning And 0 records from API, 0 distinct AS, 0 distinct countries after some time.

I can confirm that running the cscli api pull command did recreate the records: And 44 records from API, 28 distinct AS, 15 distinct countries

cela arrive de temps en temps (v3.7)