Combining NPM, crowdsec, appsec

I am using NPM right now, looking to integrate crowdsec and appsec,
then I stumbled upon this article

but it’s using it with nginx instead of nginx proxy manager.
Now I am looking for full guide that use nginx proxy manager, crowdsec and appsec.

crowdsec and NPM already here

there’s also appsec with npm docker out there

So any idea where I can get tutorial on 3 of them combined ?

When you say appsec do you mean open-appsec or our appsec?

if your waiting to find a tutorial with all of them in it, then you will be waiting some time to find it. You do best following the initial one and then adapting the other to fit your use case.

Yes, I mean openappsec.
I was using crowdsec with cloudflare right now but the blocklist limited to cloudflare free plan 10.000 list which mean 10k ip blocklist, so I am considering to migrating to lepresidente NPM with crowdsec.

I followed all the tutorial on here

on the last, my NPM didn’t show initialisastion done

nginx: [alert] [lua] crowdsec_openresty.conf:5):9: [Crowdsec] Bouncer Disabled

Edit: Okay, so it seems like the article on the blog is outdated, actually we need to fill in the environment in the docker-compose, and somehow I managed to make it run, but I feels like it doesn’t block anything

nginx: [alert] [lua] crowdsec_openresty.conf:5):11: [Crowdsec] Initialisation done

I tried to manual add my ip to blocklist using decisions, and I still can access my site without any issues, so where it goes wrong now ?

depending on which mode the bouncer is in try checking nginx error logs and crowdsec api logs

Thanks god, finally got it working after trying so long, Good job me. and thanks dude iiAmLoz.